Sunday, 12 June 2011

Dr Burzynski's cancer cure and fights with the FDA

Have just watched a riveting video at which is only free to watch this weekend, if you have the time.

Two very interesting things about it

1. If anyone wanted seemingly cast-iron proof that the FDA needs rebuilding from the ground up this is it

2. The socalled anti-neoplastons which Dr Burzynski uses have achieved in tests a complete cancer remission rate of around 27% even in very serious eg brain and metastasised tumours, as against the chemo/radiation therapy survival of 1 out of 140 patients in the study (and that 1 patient died after the 5 yr period).
The FDA allied to Big Pharma have been using everything they can since the '80s to shut Burzynski down, but so far have failed.

His antineoplastons are nontoxic compounds (so no side effects) of proteins and aminoacids extracted from - wait for it - human urine! And he has patented them (the specific mix I suppose), making him the first individual, as opposed to pharmaceutical giant, to be in this position, which is unacceptable to the US authorities, of course! Now urine therapy either in material dose or potentised as a homeopathic has for long been regarded with potentised patient's blood as being the remedy of last resort for the most serious pathologies. So perhaps a case of "what goes around, comes around"!

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  1. Homeopathy is very effective in cancer i like your post many thanks to you