Monday, 23 July 2012

Power-hungry American Dietetic Association attempting to criminalize nutritional consulting in the USA

In similar style to those in the UK whose aim is to stamp out homeopathy and other natural healthcare therapies and who subverted our own UK Advertising Standards Authority and got them to harass homeopaths for making truthful statements about the benefits of their treatments, the representatives across the pond in the USA of another Big Business - Nutrition - have geared up to try and push lay nutritionists into the ocean. Big Business privately just about always believes that organising things so that it has a MONOPOLY IS A GOOD THING, though it will pretend that it loves competition....the type of competition where the opposition has bows and arrows and you have attack helicopters and machineguns i.e. what the Yanks call a "turkey shoot".

If you have been a reader of this blog you will by now be able to guess their tactics. First, they will publicise how important it is that EVERYONE "Giving advice or even just information" on basic Nutrition to others SHOULD BE LICENSED. People - placemen essentially - in high places will start parroting all the spurious reasons why this is necessary now even though the public hasn't found it necessary for the last few centuries. Secondly, that THEY SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF THE LICENSING i.e. the fox in charge of the hen coop. Thirdly, that ANYONE NOT LICENSED BE FINED. Those inside the (monopolistic) organisation are then urged to lay complaints against those outside it and request "the authorities" to prosecute them.

The UK Medical profession did this just before World War II. They managed to get the Cancer Act 1939 passed, giving them a monopoly on the treatment of cancer. How many people have they killed since then with radiation and chemotherapy?


The American Dietetic Association (ADA), which refers to itself as "the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals," has launched a new attack on freedom of health speech that seeks to criminalize the giving of nutritional or counseling advice by individuals that are not officially licensed by the ADA or one of its state-level prototypes -- and the ADA is covertly attempting to accomplish this goal by quietly passing restrictive licensing laws in all 50 U.S. states.
Clearly on a downward spiral into total nutritional irrelevancy, the ADA as an organization is being slowly overtaken by competition from unlicensed nutritionists, holistic practitioners, and even ordinary bloggers with a powerful story to tell, all of which are now being taken far more seriously by those looking for legitimate nutrition advice than are many ADA-certified dietitians. So to artificially preserve its very existence, the ADA is now trying to legislate its way to a total nutritional monopoly.

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