Monday, 28 October 2013

Some uses of THUJA as a skin healer

It's worthwhile remembering that Thuja in tincture form applied topically is a very powerful herbal healer for warts or growths or skin lesions of many types, which homeopaths shouldn't be afraid of using, together with the internal use of potentised homeopathic Thuja.

My father in old age grew a few unsightly, hard, scaly nodules on the upper rims of his ears, a few millimeters thick and standing proud of the skin of the ear. The appearance of these nodules or growths can I understand be due to many causes - gout, chondrodermatitis, or something more serious eg a hard area or spur which may overlie skin cancer. He never did anything about them, but when I started getting the same type of thing on the edge of one ear in my late 50s, I determined immediately to do something to get rid of them. The answer I found was Thuja tincture. Put a drop of neat tincture on the tip of a finger and rub it into and just around the hard area. Then put a further drop on it and leave it to dry there. Do that two or three times a day. It isn’t necessary to put a plaster on it. It doesn't make the surrounding skin sore in my experience but the hardened area after a good few weeks (less if you are lucky!) gets to the point where a layer of the hard bit will come off when picked at. The lesion may then 'weep' a bit, but don't worry. Continue to dab the same spot with tincture daily until you feel that the hard area has completely disappeared and new skin has covered the spot.

I found furthermore that Thuja tincture assiduously applied will kill off infection and could heal a ‘suspicious looking’ skin lesion elsewhere on the body. For instance, I spotted on my shin a small area the size of the nail on my little finger which had seemingly appeared overnight. It was a small, slightly discoloured spot; the sort of thing you would go to your dermatologist to check if it was likely to be cancerous or not. The area didn't hurt when pressed but it had grown proud of the surrounding skin by a millimeter or so, and it had obviously grown fast. It may have started from a localised infection from a scratch after I had waded into some brambles while blackberry picking, but the surface of the skin wasn't visibly broken, so that may be a red herring. It looked instead as if a nail-sized mole was just starting to grow there. Neat Thuja tincture massaged in several times a day started it shrinking within 10 days and in due course the lesion shrank to a pinpoint and then disappeared leaving nothing but a tiny localised skin discolouration, but no evidence of any abnormal skin cells. Thuja tincture is well worth trying and costs just pennies.

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