Saturday, 19 July 2014

"Ve haf vays of controlling you!" Conventional medicine's latest invasive procedure, the IEM.

Hpathy's editor reports on a new medical device that violates privacy

One of the problems I’ve always had with allopathic practice is how invasive it is. There is the unnecessary surgery, the toxic drugs and the excessive use of some diagnostic tests like CAT scans. Another aspect of this invasiveness occurs when drug companies redefine ailments such as ADHD, so that even two year old children fall into the diagnostic category. A further example is mandatory vaccination, especially with new or poorly tested vaccines such as the HPV. Now a new medical product, recently approved by the FDA, raises the bar on invasiveness. It’s called an IEM, or “Ingestion Event Marker”. The size of a grain of sand, it’s imbedded in the patient’s medication. Activated by digestive juices, it sends signals to a patch the patient wears, telling exactly when he took a medicine and how much. It doesn’t end there however. The device also reports heart rate, body position, activity level and more. This information is automatically relayed to doctors via mobile phone apps. The stated purpose is to let your doctor know if you took your medicine, but it’s really about control. In one article about the device, the words “non-adherence” or “non- compliance” were mentioned eight times. Whatever privacy rights a patient had would be gone. A doctor on National Public Radio recently commented on the IEM, saying it wasn’t enough to know that patients didn’t take their meds. The next step was to ensure complicity. This he said, would require some kind of internal or external pump that could remotely administer a drug.
Allopathic medicine has always been wrongheaded about healing, preferring suppression to cure. Now, its alliance with the profit-driven corporate world is nudging it toward a dark and dystopian view of medicine and society.
All of this is anathema to the philosophy of homeopathy, which aims to give people more control of their lives. Compared to the world of corporate allopathic medicine, homeopathy is sunlight and a breath of fresh air.
(Video commercial for the IEM)

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