Sunday, 24 August 2014

Homeopathic remedies success as prophylactic alternatives to vaccines

The background to the story about how the protagonists of the currently conventional medical approach (allopathy) have for so long successfully suppressed the truth about the historic success of homeopathic remedies in treating epidemics and their use as prophylactics against disease has yet to be told by a partial and disinterested media. But the ingenuity of monopolists with millions of dollars at their disposal when their monopoly is threatened knows no bounds.

For a quick summary you should take a look at the article at

It is written by Fran Sheffield, a battling homeopath in Australia, who like many homeopaths across the world has had to waste her precious time defending the truths about homeopathy's successes in a court of law. Truths which have been recorded for hundreds of years in many instances. And time which could have been better spent treating her patients.

As she says, "It is my firm belief that it had nothing to do with “deceptive and misleading information” or “trade and commerce” but was the culmination of an 8-year struggle by certain groups to remove information on homeoprophylaxis (homeopathy’s ability to protect against epidemic disease) from our website and newsletters and out of the public eye."

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