Monday, 15 December 2014

Ebola - Guess What? Ozone therapy plus Colloidal Silver and Vitamin C and Glutathione may be the cure

An article out today by NaturalNews informs us of a "natural" cure for Ebola which has saved a doctor in Sierra Leone and is starting to be used there more widely now.

Those in the natural healthcare world have long believed that, given that there was no medical cure for the disease using conventional drugs, then instead of sticking their heads in the sand ('Oh, a lot of sand down here!') or running around like headless chickens, to mix metaphors, mainstream medicine should immediately have tried using natural 'standbys' like colloidal silver, Vitamin C in high dose, MMS solution or even homeopathics. It turns out ozone therapy should also have been on that list.

But old prejudices die hard and the dead hand of the pharmaceutical corporates and their fellow travellers in WHO and elsewhere put a stop to that; there is even evidence that a shipment of nano colloidal silver by the Natural Solutions Foundation to Africa was obstructed by 'dirty tricks'. The pharmaceutical fellas know all about those.

Anyway, if you read the article

IV ozone Ebola cure documented by Dr. Rowen, then systematically suppressed by government

at this link

you'll be able to see the combination of natural remedies which are being used to cure Ebola.

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