Friday, 4 December 2009

Ads on my blogsite

Sadly, I haven't found a way to prevent The Evil Empire and Darth Varder from advertising on my blogsite for the very flu jab that my postings have taken care to counsel you to avoid at all costs. I don't get any money from those ads, and I don't want them there anyway - please ignore them!

And those of you in the socalled priority groups eg pregnant women, do avoid the jabs like the plague. Humans were not meant to have killer toxins like squalene, formaldehyde, aluminium, mercury etc jabbed into them, let alone an "attenuated" (maybe dead, maybe not) virus the DIEs (Disease inducing effects) of which can't be adequately tested.

The DIEs of a vaccine may very well take years/decades to appear, like cancer from smoking or liver damage from taking aspirin, and there is NO WAY that any test known to science today, even if it were not by the biased manufacturers themselves, could guarantee that you wouldn't be one of the victims. You can also bet your life that whatever allergy, neurological damage or worse, you get, will (a) be denied as having anything to do with an earlier jab, and (b) you won't get legal aid to sue anybody (this Government has removed that right), and (c) you won't be eligible for even the Govt ex gratia payments available up to £120,000 (they refuse to call it "compensation")for certain vaccine related side effects.

Google the internet for the tragic stories of people suffering from such DIEs before you decide. Surely you wouldn't play Russian roulette with a revolver would you for the uncertain benefit of a year or two only of potential immunity from only one or two strains of a generally mild infection? Ring up your homeopath instead and get them to prescribe you a combination remedy taken from those remedies which have been reported as having helped people avoid or minimise the effects of flu epidemics in the last 100+ years.

PS Have a look at for further discussion of DIEs and untested conventional medicine drugs.

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