Saturday, 5 December 2009

Swine Flu - How many are likely to die or have other severe adverse reactions?

It’s been clear for some time that only a fraction of reported H1N1 (swine flu) cases actually are H1N1. Indeed the UK stopped routinely testing all those who reported flu type symptoms back in July so the (probably small) numbers of those actually contracting full blown swine flu are simply not known. Most apparently have just respiratory infections due to other causes. In the US this has been definitively established by Freedom of Information Act requests from individual state authorities when the responsible Government body, the CDC, refused to respond.

So what’s the downside for all those presenting themselves for the swine flu jab? A lot of people might assume that the worst a person could suffer from the vaccine is a sore arm and perhaps a headache or a general feeling of tiredness. Sadly, not so. Severe reactions can include anaphylactic reactions eg severe allergies, convulsions or coma, life altering disabilities such as Guillain Barre neurological disease, and death.

Apparently GSK’s pre-marketing clinical tests show severe reactions in four cases out of 253 people tested, though GSK argue that they think only one of those was vaccine-related. But even 1 out of 253 equals 395 severe adverse reactions in every 100,000 people or 3,950 in every million people! And if they are wrong and the 4 out of 53 is nearer the mark, that equals 15,800 people out of a million. Had they succeeded in getting the Government to jab, say, half the UK population ie 31 million, we could have been looking at between 122,000 and 489,000 severe adverse reactions for the NHS and families of those affected to deal with - just from having the vaccine! All this for a strain of flu which has been described as turning out to have been "milder than seasonal flu".

Did the Government prepare us for this, and did it guess what additional severe adverse reactions might have occurred if many of those vaccinated had already had an ordinary seasonal flu jab which itself could have at least temporarily compromised the human immune system?

The answer is NO. Nobody knows what the cumulative effect of that scenario could be because we are all participating, if we accept these jabs, as guinea pigs in a massive test the true outcome of will be quite unknown for many years down the track as there is no accepted test for deciding to what extent a human’s immune system has been damaged by a vaccine.

The nearest we can get to answering that is to ask the homeopaths. They can treat those who have “never been well since (having a specific vaccine)” with the potentised and highly diluted nosode of that same vaccine, and when the adverse symptoms of a significant proportion of these individuals disappear or are ameliorated by this treatment, then they would conclude that the vaccine was indeed the cause of the pathology treated.

With deaths and serious adverse effects from vaccines made by different manufacturers already being reported from around the world - see - Sweden, Japan, China, France, US, why aren’t our media giving the UK public all these facts and assisting debate around the wisdom or otherwise of accepting the swine flu vaccine? Is it to do with money?

The media have made hay during the financial crisis, blaming those on big bonuses working for the banks, and MPS for troughing at the public's expense. If the DIEs (disease inducing effects) figures from swine flu vaccination turn out to be anything like the numbers referred to above, it will be the media's turn to hang their heads in shame, and pay whatever price the public demands, for their inertia when presented in advance by so many of us with the information that this pandemic was "manufactured", and the reasons why the swine flu vaccine should never have been inflicted on us.

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