Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Surely a time for banding together, not continuing, as some in ConMed are doing, to argue for a complete monopoly

2009 will be the worst year for the UK economy since comparable records began in 1948. A 4.75 percent contraction is worse, even, than the worst year of the Great Depression.

It has already struck many of those I talk to that against this background Government should be identifying savings from day to day - not waiting until the outcome of the next General Election.

Saving the millions being spent on the useless swine flu vaccine would be a healthy start. A small portion of the money saved could be used to pay for a homeopathic trial - say 100,000 members of the public to be given free a homeopathic swine flu prophylactic and the same number to have the swine flu vaccine. Both groups to be monitored for a number of years for catching swine flu, side effects etc. Each group to be told what they were receiving. None of this double blind nonsense. If placebo helps one approach better than the other, we all want to know about that. May the best approach win! Judging by what happened in Cuba with the anti-leptospirosis campaign, I don't have to be a bookie to calculate which side would have the best odds....

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